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Barb Ferguson - Birth/Post Natal Doula

Doula services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

About Me

I am a mother of three adult children and granny to 3 beautiful babes. From a young age I have loved babies and the birthing experience, over the years I have gained a wealth of knowledge by attending births and actively listening to the birth stories of family friends. During my training  as a doula I became excited by not only the physical aspects of the birthing process, but also the physiological aspects of birth and have been encouraged to further my knowledge of hypnobirth and calmbirth. I now embrace the opportunity to join you on your birth journey.

As your Doula I will meet with you twice prior to your birth enabling us to discuss birthing options available to you and help prepare a written birth plan. 

I am available to you 24/7 during your estimated due month to take that call to join you in your birthing space. Following the birth we will meet again to debrief your experience. I will also give you my written journal of your baby's birth.

Statistics show that the continuous support offered by a doula is likely to decrease the likelihood of caesarean and various other interventions by as much as 60%


Statistics also indicate that doula support increases the chances of successful breastfeeding and enhanced bonding.


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Birth and Doula Support

The full package, as explained in the paragraph above. 

2 meetings prior to delivery

Oncall service and birth attendance

1 post natal debreifing session

Cost: $1200

One off Consultation

An opportunity to chat with me about the birth process and the benefits of having a doula. Also a chance to pick my brain and start up a dialogue around birthing choices.

Cost: $100

Birth Only Package

The slim version of the Birth and Doula support. I will be with you for the arrival of your newborn and we have 1 prior phone meeting beforehand to discuss all of your wishes. Birth journal included.

Cost: $600



Barb was amazing! I first heard about doula services when I was in LA. I came back to Australia and was referred to Barb. She is so knowledgeable and made me completely at ease.The post natal support was also incredible. I honestly don't want to think of what it would have been like without her 

Chrissy Brown - Publisist

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Send me message through my website, email or txt me to set up an appointment. I am also available on social media via the links below.

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